About Rita



Rita Plush lives and writes in Queens, New York. Her writing practice includes both fiction and non-fiction.  

She began her diverse career as an interior designer and for 20 years held the position of coordinator of the Design/Decorating Certificate Program at Queensborough Community College.  She remains on the faculty teaching courses in design, decorative arts and creative writing. 

The publication of her novel, "Lily Steps Out" was 12 years in the making and earned “Published & Proud,” a feature article in Newsday’s Act II, followed by “Rita Steps Out,” in the Times Ledger. Her short stories appeared in many literary journals including The Alaska Quarterly Review, before they were included in the collection, Alterations . 

As a sought after speaker, Rita has presented at libraries and synagogues, at Hofstra University and CW Post Hutton House on topics as varied as decorative arts, interior design, the talk, Writing and Publishing in the Modern Age, or So You've Written a Book; Now What? and Coco Chanel ~ The Woman-The Legend. She is the  book reviewer for the Fire Island News.

Frequently  appearing on blog talk radio, Rita read a segment from Alterations  on "The Author's Corner" for Public Radio. She has guested on "The  Writer's Dream," LTV, and "The Amy Beth Arkway Show." When interviewed  On Morgen Bailey's, Author  Spotlight, Rita talked about the similarities between writing and interior design.  

"Both interior design and writing are creativity at work," Rita said. Writing is  another form of design. "In rooms, you put fabrics and furnishings  together,aiming for that perfect note of color, texture and scale.  Everything arranged in a way that instantly strikes the eye as a  balanced whole. Writing a book is similar, except that instead of  objects, you put people and plot together to create that balance. A  world made with words.